How does the Invisalign® treatment process work?

Invisalign® is the most advanced clear aligner system in the world, proven by over 16 millions satisfied smiles.

Invisalign® system is a doctor-directed treatment and not sold directly to patients.

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*The availability of new aligner case will be different from each market

Nearly Invisible

Invisalign is virtually invisible. This means you can always smile with confidence, as compared to traditional braces where the wires and metal brackets can be seen.


Invisalign aligners are made with SmartTrack flexible material, making it super easy to remove and put on, unlike braces which are fixed. Now, you can enjoy your favorite food any time you want.

Lesser Pain

SmartStage and SmartForce technologies ensure there will only be gradual and gentle yet effective teeth movement throughout your treatment, as compared to braces which may irritate and cause pain.

Lesser Doctor Visits

Unlike braces where you have to visit your doctor every 3-4 weeks, Invisalign frees up your schedule with visits to the clinic only once every 6-8 weeks.

Clearer Timelines

Invisalign treatment allows you to visualize every stage of the treatment, giving you a clearer picture of the treatment duration. Braces can only give you an approximate duration at the beginning of the treatment.

Better Oral Health

Since Invisalign aligners are removable, you can still floss and brush your teeth as per normal whereas braces may make it difficult for you to clean in between the metal brackets which can result in plaque accumulation and poor oral hygiene.

Treatment comparison chart

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Just deciding you're ready to transform your smile is a big step. The next step is deciding the best way for you to do it. See why you should choose Invisalign clear aligners.

Best for
Track Record
Scientific evidence
Experience &
Professional Care
Dentist Interaction
Dentist Choice
Gumline Trimming
App Monitoring
Virtual Consultations
All cases: simple to complex teeth movement.
Entire arch of teeth, incl. bite correction.
Simple to moderate teeth movements.
Social smile: top and bottom front 10 teeth.
Indicative price starting from SG$5,000
Price is determined by your doctor.
Indicative price starting from SG$3,288.
Price is determined by your doctor.
On average 12-18 months.
As little as 6 months.
US FDA approved
Documented case studies and whitepapers by doctors globally.
Used in many dental universities and public hospitals.
Long standing over 25 years in dental business and the most advanced clear aligner system in the world, prescribed by doctors in over 100 countries. The world largest user of state-of-the-art 3D printing technology for making highly accurate, customized aligners.
Direct and regular interaction with your dentist for optimal results.
The treating dentist is chosen by YOU via a wide range of availability of dentists.
Patented multi-layer SmartTrack™ material specially engineered for
Invisalign and clinically proven to improve tooth movement.
Calculated with the power of data from over 16 millions patients worldwide.
Hugs your teeth, not your gums. Each aligner is customized to your gumline for more comfort.
Most other clear aligners
sold online
Simple to moderate teeth movements.
Usually only front teeth(check with provider).
Indicative price starting from SG$2,700.
Price is determined by the manufacturer.
As little as 6 months.
Minimal dentist interaction.
Limited choices of dentists and/or dentist is assigned to you by the manufacturer.

How your Invisalign treatment plan is made.

Even before your aligners are created, a lot of powerful technology goes into shaping your new smile. Combine that with your doctor's expertise, and you get a precise digital plan just for you.

How are my custom aligners made?

Your clear aligners are created using industry-leading technology based on your customized treatment plan.

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When you pick up your first aligners, your doctor will:

  • Ensure your aligners fit well.

  • Answer your questions.

  • Let you know what to expect.

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